Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Watermelon recipes for kids!

watermelon recipes for kids

1 . Watermelon pie . Parents.com
2 . Heart shaped watermelon and strawberry kebabs . Style Me Pretty
3 . Watermelon ice pops . La receta de la felicidad
4 . Watermelon donuts . Paper&Stitch
5 . Watermelon cupcakes . Bakerette
6 . Watermelon slice popsicles . Nutrition Stripped

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best co-sleeper cribs for a baby

Want to have your newborn sleep at your bedside but not in your bed?
Here are some of the best co-sleeping cribs and bassinets for you
to choose from:

best co-sleeping cribs

1. 6-in-1 certified co-sleeper cot convertible to a moses basket . bednest
2. The revolutionary and safest bassinet made of soft mesh where the baby sleeps safely in his own separate sleep area .  HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
3. A colorful designer Made in Italy bedside crib .  Culla Belly co-sleeper
4. Designed also  for travel and daytime nap . Snuggle Nest Surround
5. A crib for co-sleeping that attaches to parents' bed using a strap . Chicco Next 2 Me
6. A co-sleeping cradle convertible into a small sofa . Madori Design

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hanging faux animal heads: taxidermy for kids

faux animal heads to decorate kids' rooms

 Paper faux animal heads 
{ 1 }  DIY paper rabbit head kit - Chloe Fleury
{ 2 } Paper mache elephant head to hang in the nursery - Buy modern Baby

 Plush taxidermy 
{ 3 } Stuffed unicorn head taxidermy for nursery decor - Fridge
{ 4 } Faux plushed wall mount fox head - Kelsey Davis Design

 Crochet wall mounts 
{ 5 } Crocheted 'Jackalope' faux taxidermy kids wall decor -  Little Sarah Grace
{ 6 } Pattern for a diy crochet faux rhino head -  Luulla

Thursday, March 6, 2014

'Keep Calm and Change my Diaper' nursery print

Spring is coming and I'm feeling like my daughter's nursery needs some updates...
so let's get started with a brand new series of wall art especially designed for the little one.

keep calm and change my diaper free nursery wall print

I'm sharing with you this funny nursery wall art ideal for the changing station area,
a 'Keep Calm and Change my Diaper' print complete with baby and pacifier and available
for you to download for free here: 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cakes for baptism and christening for little girls

cakes for baptism or christening

Need some ideas for a cake that would be perfect for your little girl's baptism or christening day?

1 //  Delicate little flowers with ombre hue for this 3 tiers baptism cake //  Pinterest
2 //  My daughter's christening party cake: whipped pink cream topped with a styled letter, the initial of her name // Fate di Zucchero
3 // PA simple and surprising white christening cake with ombre pink filling // Makushilda
4 //  A cupcake baptism cake with a cross shape Pinterest
5 // An angel sitting on a white cloud on top of this delicate cake perfect for a christening cerimony // Arty Crafty Cakes
6 // Pink baby booties for little Lucy's baptism cake // Candy's Capcakes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to choose a bath tub for your baby

A selection of the best bathtubs for your children to help you choose the perfect 
bathing solutions for newborns and babies.

best baby bathing tubs

{ 1 }  Probably the cutest bath tub for newborns, the Blooming Bath is an ingenious solution to bathe your baby in the sink - Blooming Bath
{ 2 } A traditional bath tub with ergonomic design for a comfy baby bath time - Onda by OkBaby

{ 3 } This foldable and space saving baby bath tub by Stokke is suitable from birth (with a newborn support system) to 4 years - Flexi Bath by Stokke
{ 4 } A smart solution for newborn bath time from 0 to 8 months, a progressive, safe bath recliner - Transatdo by Beaba
{ 5 } A changing station complete with removable baby bath tub -  Spa by Inglesina

{ 6 } A luxury whirpool bath tub for your kids bathtime -  Onda Luxy Bubbles by OkBaby
{ 7 } An innovative vertical bath tub for newborns 0-6 with non-slip interior  Hopop
{ 8 } This practical folding bathtub is a must-have for traveling with baby - Beaba

Vintage bathing baby photograph by Richard D.Sheaff