Tuesday, January 27, 2015

8 easy DIY Carnival costumes for babies and kids

easy baby carnival costumes
costumes for babies
1 . a classic DIY costume for a baby: the octopus made with socks . Huffington Post
2 . one of the funniest carnival costumes for little ones: baby gumball machine . Costume Works

from the Big Screen
3 . a simple yet very contemporary hobbit look for this little man's costume .  Pinterest
4 . a do-it-yourself carnival costume that is perfect for girls of any age, princess Leia from Star Wars. Craftiness is not Optional

DIY carnival costumes for kids

made from cardboard
5 . an ingenious old world wig made from toilet paper rolls. Babble
6 . a diy for kid and mom with a cardboard diy plane . Babble

inspired by nature
7 . a sweet fawn costume . Rock the Shot
8 . a funny snail costume that doesn't require sewing . Oh Happy Day

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