Tuesday, January 27, 2015

8 easy DIY Carnival costumes for babies and kids

easy baby carnival costumes
costumes for babies
1 . a classic DIY costume for a baby: the octopus made with socks . Huffington Post
2 . one of the funniest carnival costumes for little ones: baby gumball machine . Costume Works

from the Big Screen
3 . a simple yet very contemporary hobbit look for this little man's costume .  Pinterest
4 . a do-it-yourself carnival costume that is perfect for girls of any age, princess Leia from Star Wars. Craftiness is not Optional

DIY carnival costumes for kids

made from cardboard
5 . an ingenious old world wig made from toilet paper rolls. Babble
6 . a diy for kid and mom with a cardboard diy plane . Babble

inspired by nature
7 . a sweet fawn costume . Rock the Shot
8 . a funny snail costume that doesn't require sewing . Oh Happy Day

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Little Indians birthday invitations and party kit

And finally, by popular demand, I'm sharing with you the Little Indians Party invitations and all the graphics I've designed for the party kit.

Hope you enjoy it!

little indians party invitation . envelope . thanks you card . cup cake topper . arrow food toppers

little indians party set

party sign .  cupcake toppers . greetings artwork . food label . bubbles favour box label . drawing table activity sign

native indians party set board

You will find the Little Indians First Birthday party photos here.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Clouds: 6 ideas to decor for kids

6 decor ideas with clouds

1 . Printable sleepy cloud nursery artwork with lullaby in mint green . my Etsy shop
2 . Cloud marquee light . Mini Style Blog
3 . Cloud shaped soft rug and throw pillow . Bel & Soph
4 . Dye paper clouds wallpaper for the kids room . Nicole's Classes
5 . Kids bed sheet set . Ferm Living 
6 . 3D paper clouds crib mobile . Project Nursery
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