Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cakes for baptism and christening for little girls

cakes for baptism or christening

Need some ideas for a cake that would be perfect for your little girl's baptism or christening day?

1 //  Delicate little flowers with ombre hue for this 3 tiers baptism cake //  Pinterest
2 //  My daughter's christening party cake: whipped pink cream topped with a styled letter, the initial of her name // Fate di Zucchero
3 // PA simple and surprising white christening cake with ombre pink filling // Makushilda
4 //  A cupcake baptism cake with a cross shape Pinterest
5 // An angel sitting on a white cloud on top of this delicate cake perfect for a christening cerimony // Arty Crafty Cakes
6 // Pink baby booties for little Lucy's baptism cake // Candy's Capcakes

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