Monday, January 6, 2014

Newborns photo shooting pose ideas

Many photographers say the best age to take a picture of a newborn is at 2 weeks, 
when they are still sleeping most of the time, do not move and stretch too much and
like to stay in those fetal positions that make babies photo too cute!

baby girl picture pose

1 // A little sleeping beauty all wrapped up in mom's scarf  by Tamara Elise Photography
2 // The first smiles of a newborn girl by Caralee Case Photography
3 // A different point of view for a baby girl photo pose by Tara McGlinchey Photography
4 // An outdoor newborn photo shooting for this newborn girl Kole Photoghaphy
5 // Lace and tulle for this little miss photographed while asleep by Kimberly G.
6 // A shabby chic style photo pose idea for this baby girl Skye Johansen

photo pose ideas for newborn boys
 and here's some idea for baby boys picture poses:

1 //  A sweet newborn baby boy pictured while hugging his teddy bear.. found on Pinterest
2 // A photo of a little boy with dad's tie! Found on Pinterest
3 // A funny newborn photo pose idea taken with a snail costume  SugarShots Photography
4 // Little angel baby boy photographed by Anita Mundt
5 // A lovely dreaming setting made by this photographer specializing in newborns Kimberly G.

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