Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An easy diy crib mobile with delicate butterflies for newborn girls

In my experience the best way to stimulate and amuse a newborn baby is a crib mobile
hanging above her crib, my daughter has enjoyed it so much, even when she was just a few
weeks old she would stare for hours and hours at the butterflies flying above her head..  

At the time she had a swinging cradle so, as she grew a little older,  it was a real delight
to me watching her as she found out that the butterflies on the mobile would
move along each time she moved!

diy cradle mobile with butterflies

I'm sharing with you the design and instructions for a simply and really cheap  butterflies
mobile I've created for my baby in mint, and pink hues; the original version of the
mobile had the name of my daughter printed all over the butterflies, this version is with the
lyrics from "Twinkle, twinkle little star".  

You can easily create this delicate and feminine mobile yourself,  just download the files
and follow the instructions below. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

mobile for cribs diy

Amuse your baby girl with a diy butterflies mobile for her cradle!

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You will need:

- Butterflies templates printed on 2 A4 light cardboard
or thick paper sheets (must be printable on both sides)
- Scissors to cut out the butterflies
- A spray painted small branch
- Light mint silk yarn to hand the butterflies and branch
- 2 or 3 hot pink large beads
- A puncher for the holes

Butterflies Crib Mobile Instructions:

{  2  }  Print file 1a on a A4 sheet, then flip the sheet on the reverse side and print file 1b on it (this is the backside of the butterflies).

{  3  } Do the same as above with files 2a and 2b.

{  4  }  Cut out the butterflies.

{  5  }  Punch a small hole through the center of each butterfly.

{  6  }  Cut 4 long pieces of silk yarn and tie one in the middle and the other 2 pieces close to the edges of the branch.

{   7  } Starting from the branch leave some inches of free yarn then insert the yarn through the holes in the middle of the butterflies.

{  8  }  Make a simple knot or insert one more time the yarn in the same hole to fix it (see picture above).

{  9  }  Leave again some free inches of yarn and then put insert another butterfly. You can mix different sizes and colors of butterflies or even use double butterflies together as I did.

{  10  }  After 5-6 butterflies for each piece of yarn leave some free space and make another knot, if you wish you can use a large bead to finish the yarn. I preferred to use 2 beads at the top of the mobile where the yarn is tied to the branch.

{  11  }  Tie the 4th piece of yarn close to the 2 pieces on the edges of the branch and use it to hang the mobile above your baby crib, on her changing station or on a wall in the nursery!

 . .................... . .................. . .................... . 

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