Thursday, January 9, 2014

Easy and Cute animal sandwiches for kids!

6 super easy sandwiches ideas for your kids lunches with funny animal shapes!

6 easy and cute animal sandwiches for kids

Make some funny food for your kids lunch box with some quick & cute animal shaped sandwiches.
Some of these sandwiches are so easy you don't even need a cookie cutter.

{ 1 } Bread sheep sandwich in a field of vegetables -  Pinterest
{ 2 } An easy to slice pig sandwich for kids  -  Cute Food for Kids

{ 3 } Bread and ham little chicken shaped sandwich idea -  Sweet and Lovely Crafts
{ 4 } A sweet nutella bear sandwich  -  Cute Food for Kids

{ 5 } Peanut butter bunny shaped sandwich -  A Whick and Two Wands
{ 6 }  Happy frog sandwich for bento box lunch  - Meet the Dubiens

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