Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12 Super creative birth announcements

A collection of the most creative, funny, sweet ideas to announce
the birth of a baby, 12 among the best birth announcements!

creative birth announcement

{ 1 }  A custom typographic birth announcement with hand drawn lettering . JoeKayse
{ 2 }  Say to the world that your baby is born with ruler, clock and weight . Erin Michael
{ 3 } Announce the birth of a child with a chalkboard message . Brendachela
{ 4 } A lovely birth announcement onesie with the date circled in red . Fancy Frugal Life

funny birth announcements

{ 5 }  A cute superhero birth announcement that is also very easy to make  .  Brooke Schwab
{ 6 }  A playful 'Special delivery' birth announcement with owner's manual! . Pinterest
{ 7 } A creative birth announcement as CIA report for the newborn complete with signal photos and footprints to announce his birth! . Under Consideration
{ 8 } A photo of your baby lying on the paper of the day he was born for a funny birth announcement . Abbey Saxton

how to announce the birth of a baby

{ 9 }  A sweet way to announce the birth of a little girl with her name on wooden blocks.  Bebe Stilo
{ 10 } The birth announcement I design for my own daughter with a delicate heart of butterflies . Alessandra P.  from Stork Is Coming
{ 11 } The newborn delivered to the frontdoor to his big brother . Kati Ann
{ 12 } The newborn himself saying 'hi' to announce his birth! . Card Candy Dotcom

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