Monday, November 18, 2013

The best hanging cradles

the best hanging cradles for newborns

According to some, the vertical rocking movement of a crib suspended from the ceiling helps babies sleep. Do you agree?

1 // Romantic crochet bassinet handmade in Bangladesh and certified by Fairtrade  FineLittleDay
2 // This hammock baby cradle can be used both at home and outdoors Kaya Natura by Amazonas 
3 // Ecologic hanging crib for newborns also available for twins from Kindekeklein. (photo taken from claraivy blog)
4 // White wicker cradle hanging from the ceiling found on this site: Kidskamers
5 // Original hanging cradle/basket for newborns Susanna Vento
6 // Half moon hanging cradle. This artisanal wood cradle can be suspended from the ceiling, can  stand on its own or can be used with a cradle stand Lallaba'.
7 // The Mawok hanging cradle swings vertically and helps putting babies to sleep Mawok


  1. Hello
    I was worried about my baby's cradle materials, wood, mattresses, fabrics, all of which can have harmful emissions if done poorly.
    I found this Italian company that uses for mattresses, cotton and spelled chaff, and makes very nice cradles and cots.

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