Friday, November 29, 2013

Printable bunting for Christmas party

* update *

I would like to thank the thousands of you who downloaded and keep downloading my Christmas graphics! The printables are completely free for you to download, print and use, in exchange I would be very very grateful if you help me grow the blog fanbase by clicking the 'I like' button on my Facebook page here or follow my Instagram profile here. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

Ready to start decorating for Christmas? Starting from today, I will be sharing with you a full set of printable decorations for your Christmas party, all completely free!

printable bunting for christmas party

This year I've chosen a mint and bronze Christmas theme, full of calligraphic accents, herringbone, reindeer horns, mittens, wreaths and stars. The first  freebie for the printable Christmas party kit is a bunting mixed with festive mittens.



The next free printables of the Christmas Party set will be printable Christmas wall art, Christmas cup cake topper, a letter to Santa, Holidays greeting cards, etc, etc. Everything you need to throw the perfect Christmas party and have fun with your kids!

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Bunting Instructions:

{  2  }  Print the 4 files on paper or light cardboard.

{  3  } Cut out the 6 triangles and the 2 mittens shapes.

{  4  }  Fold the triangles at the top on the dotted line.

{  5  }  Punch 2 holes in the corners of the folded and overlapping paper of the 6 triangles.

{  6  }  Using a long piece of ribbon or a string thread the first triangle through and pull it to the end of the string.

{  7  }  Keep threading the other triangles until they are all on the ribbon.

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Come back soon and enjoy your Christmas freebies!!


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  1. VERY cute! Should that be OH OH OH or HO HO HO??? I noticed it on the wreath as well! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Renee! I live in Italy and in my country we call Santa's laugh 'oh' because 'ho' means I have! but i guess it doesn't make a difference as it sounds the same in both ways!

  2. I noticed that, too! I commented about a week ago, but it looks like my original comment has been deleted. Sad! I would LOVE to hang this!

    1. hi Carol! please print and hand the banner wherever you like, don't be sad, it is free for you to download! I can't find the comment you mentioned, what was it about?

    2. Hello! I was just wondering if there might be a version with "ho ho ho". I am in the US as well. Maybe my earlier comment just never posted. So fun to learn that it is "oh oh oh" in Italy! I do love it, but if I hang it, people will be very confused, since it is "ho ho ho" here. I do love it, though. Thanks for sharing it! Cheers!


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