Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beautiful Doudou for babies

beautiful doudou for babies

1 // Cat doudou with black and white stripes - Donna Wilson 
2 // The bunny Doudor 'Little Ozzie' is mader on order - Le Train Fantome
3 // Small owl doudou with big polka dots eyes - Ratatam
4 // Octopus doudou with prints on both sides - Jubilo
5 // Soft little sheep doudou in bio cotton - Olli Olbot
6 // Funny patchwork elephant Doudou patchwork - Olli Olbot
7 // Colorful bunny doudou toy with giant ears - Jubilo
8 // Vintage style owl doudou - Zinzolin
9 // Little dog doudou 100% biological cotton - Papili

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pregnancy photo journal week by week

Some cute ideas for a pregnancy week by week or month to month photo journal: 

pregnancy week by week photo journal
Pregnancy week by week photo journal chalkboard project by Little Baby Garvin

A cute pregnancy diary by blogger The African Llama

t-shirt pregnancy diary
The diy t-shirt pregnancy countdown project by Mirandas One Little Minute

A simple yet effective month-by-month bump growth photo journal by Daddy Noob's blog.

a colorful maternity week by week evolution journal

One of the best colorful pregnancy evolution photo diary taken from Rock Paper Petals.
For more maternity photographic journal ideas view my Pinterest board 
PHOTO IDEAS & Pregnancy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Polka dots theme for babies and kids

polka dots theme for babies and kids

1 - Glass baby bottles with silicone 'dotted' sleeve - LifeFactory 
2 - Yellow polka dots and grey chevron bunting banner - Little Free Radical
3 - Multiple colors kids storage bins with large polka dots pattern - The Land of Nod
4 - Pastel colors easy to bake dotted cookies - Torte al Cioccolato
5 - Baby girl mini dress with white polka dots on light blue and aqua  Gap
6 - 'Marvin the Whale' handmade cotton softy in polka dots light turquoise - Janee Lookerse
7 - Organic polka dots crib set and sheets - Lublini

My Pinterest Polka Dots board: ❤ POLKA DOTS 
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