Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The most beautiful cribs and moses baskets for newborns

the most beautiful cribs and moses baskets for newborns
1 - Handcrafted crib made in 100% wood felt and stand made of eco-certified wood  - Nesta's Nest
2 - Maxi polka dots crib made in 100% cotton and natural wood - Sal de Coco'
3 - Traditional wicker moses basket with rocking stand- 'The Snug' by Mothercare
4 - Swinging wood cradle - Wollnitz
5 - Retro' hand-woven rattan designer cradle - Kenneth Cobonpue
6 - Scandinavian design modern rocking cradle, also available as a cradle for twins - So-Ro
7 - Eco-cradle made of corrugated recycled cardboard - Green Lullaby

You can view more newborn cradles and moses baskets on my Pinterest board: Nursery & Cribs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome Spring!

welcome spring with floral themes for babies and kids

Newborn white dress with delicate floral pattern by Bibaloo
Pink and light turquoise baby blurp cloths by Blonde Design
Cloud pillow with pink vintage style flowers by The Fox in the Attic
Floral doudou by Petit Bateau

(Digital floral washi tape by Dianthusa)

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